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Principat d'Andorra



  La Mare de Déu de Meritxell  
  La Mare de Déu de Meritxell – Nuestra Señora de Meritxell – Notre Dame de Meritxell – Our Lady of Meritxell – Богоматерь Меритшелльская  
  Patrona d'Andorra, dia de festa 8 de setembre de – Patron Saint of Andorra, feast day 8 September  
  Prega per nosaltres – Oren por nosotros – Priez pour nous – Pray for us – Молитесь за нас  



  Santuari nou de Meritxell  
  Santuari nou de Meritxell  




  Església de Santa Coloma – the Church of Santa Coloma d'Andorra  
  Església de Santa Coloma – the Church of Santa Coloma d'Andorra, located in Santa Coloma in the Andorra la Vella Parish is Andorra's oldest church, with the nave dating to the VIII or IX centuries. The nearly 18 meter high bell tower with its distinctive circular base was added in the XII century.  




  Santuari de Meritxell  
  Santuari nou de Meritxell  




And along side the disproportionate number of still extant, thousand-year-old Churches, Andorra — its 85,000 (90 percent Catholic) inhabitants and 468 km² landmass — offers us a many-faceted, micro-case study in the life of European Christendom, and into the lives of the Descendants of European Christendom, when once freed of the de jure or de facto suzerainty of Jews or Muslims and the associated absurdity of expecting prosperity or peace to follow from a multiculturalism of balkanized non-Christians who neither like one another nor recognize the legitimacy of the very presence of the others within the polity. Imagine, all this, GDP per capita in the top ten of all countries, almost no crime and 100 percent male gun ownership! Poor, poor "liberals".

Or rather this might have been the picture a few short decades back. These days all is decidedly not well in Andorra either, because the Catholic Church itself is sick, not of course in her ontological essence, but in her institutional, human personnel aspect. The fertility rate in Andorra is far below replacement level, indeed it is pathetic even by post-Christian European standards, something like 1.2 or 1.3 children per woman, so obviously we can very soon expect ever more vociferous calls for immigration by everyone other than the Descendants of European Christendom, in other words, transfer of, loss of civilization through demographic replacement, as the old people of Andorra panic, old people — indeed, perhaps in a tie with Monaco, the oldest people in the world — with a life expantancy at birth of 83 years, above 80 years even for men.

What a drag.

So how awkward it is to posit that increased regular Church attendance, from its current abysmally low level, is a lot of the answer for Andorrans, and yet we state exactly that. Do not relinquish your heritage and your Church and your relationship with God to the enemies of Christendom or of the Church, enemies foreign or domestic.




  Sant Joan de Caselles  
  Dedicated to Apostle Saint John the Evangelist, Sant Joan de Caselles, is a mid-XII century Romanesque Church with Lombard style bell tower located in Canillo, one of the seven parishes which make up Andorra.  




  Cottages in Canillo Parish, Andorra  
  Cottages in Canillo Parish, Andorra  






    Andorra - Cristiandat Europea Unida
    Andorra - Chrétienté Européenne Unie
    Andorra - United European Christendom