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Commonwealth of Australia




  Sydney Opera House  

Is this the required photograph? Still, Opera and this building are two jolly grand achievements of European Christendom.






  Saint Mary's Catholic Cathedral in Sydney  
  The twin spires of Saint Mary's Catholic Cathedral in Sydney, finished in 2000 Anno Domini, of which Father John Therry (*1790 - 25 May 1864 †) had dreamt and for which he laboured to the last day of his life so many years earlier. Consecrated on 8 September 1882, the Cathedral is old by Australian standards, the penal colony which was Australia having been founded after all only in January of 1788.  








  interior in golden light  






    Saint Mary's Catholic Cathedral









  high altar






Captain Matthew Flinders (1774 – 1814) circumnavigated and charted Australia, identifying her as a continent, our continent.




  Arthur Phillip  
  Admiral Arthur Phillip (1738 – 1814), but sometime Captain, in the Royal Navy finally landed at Botany Bay 18 January 1788, but then continued on to Port Jackson, arriving 26 January, and so began the colony of Australia. In those days it was an eight-month journey, and Captain Phillip had set out with his 11 ships and 772 convicts on on 13 May 1787. All but 40 of the convicts survived the journey.  




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