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Bosna i Hercegovina


Bosnia and Herzegovina


  Bijela Tabija  the White Fortress  
  Atop the Bijela Tabija – Бијела табија – the White Fortress, on the eastern side of Sarajevo and looking eastward along the M5 toward the Република Српскa – Republika Srpska a very few kilometers along the road and visible on this 17 January 2013 photograph.  




  Fleur de lys  
  Fleur de lys (also, fleur-de-lis) was a symbol of the Kotromanić dynasty (r. 1250 until the 5 June 1463 Ottoman Turk conquest) of the medieval Kingdom of Bosnia. The Kotromanić were Catholics (albeit with some lingering issues involving the Bosnian Church). Yet the fact that Bosniak Muslims — descendants of lapsed-Christian Descendants of European Christendom — are, in the very late XX century and now into the XXI century, choosing the symbol of their medieval Christian ancestors for use in their coat of arms, and here on the grave monuments of their war dead in the Martyrs' Memorial Cemetery Kovači in Sarajevo, and what is still more from a 1992-1995 war with forces of nominally Catholic Croats and nominally Orthodox Serbs, all this speaks volumes about lapsed-Christian Christendom's proclivity to miss opportunities and to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory! Can the Bosniak Muslims still be won over for Christ Jesus and His Church? Obviously yes. But our stupidity and evil doing have obviously made the quest hugely more difficult than it could have been. And please recall, Dear Christian Brothers and Sisters, God will not be holding us to account for any atrocities committed against us.  







  Bosna i Hercegovina - Sjedinjeno Europsko Kršćanstvo
  Bosnia and Herzegovina - United European Christendom