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Република България


Republic of Bulgaria



  Hagia Sophia  
  Църква „Света София“ – Basilica of Hagia Sophia, built from the 4th through the 6th centuries, and so one of the most important extant Churches in Christendom.
It was in fact this Church after which the city was renamed in the 14th century, having been previously named Средец – Sredets.




in Thessaloniki Church of SS Cyril and Methodius   monument on the Aegean to SS Cyril and Methodius

... on the shores of the Aegean in Thessaloniki, Bulgarian thanks to SS. Cyril and Methodius.





Basilica di San Clemente al Laterano - Chapel of SS Cyril and Methodius   Basilica di San Clemente al Laterano - Altar to Saint Cyril
Basilica di San Clemente al Laterano - Базиликата Сан Клементе   Άγιοι Κύριλλος - Sanctus Cyrillus - Свети Константин-Кирил Философ




  Church of Saint Peter in Sofia  
  XI century Church Saint Petka Samardjiiska  



  Church Saint Petka Samardjiiska  




  Holy Wisdom  
  Статуя на Света София – Statue of Saint Sofia  




  Catholic Cathedral of Bulgaria  





        България - Обединена Европейския Християнство
        Bulgaria - United European Christendom