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False Ecumenism

and related matters of

Syncretism, Indifferentism and False Irenicism



  Pope Francis and Cardinal Dolan and Jews and Muslims and Apostasy through Action  
  Pope Francis and Cardinal Dolan, as usual not trying to help convert and save non-believers, but rather and by sharp contrast engaged in error spreading and confusion sowing and Apostasy through Action.  




  Papież Jan Paweł II ukłonił się przed Koranu oraz pocałował ją. — 14 May 1999 Pope John Paul II kissing and bowing to the Qur'an while within the protection of the Vatican, where he ruled as an absolute monarch  
  Pope John Paul II on 14 May 1999 betraying his calling as pope and the only true Faith and all faithful orthodox-catholic Christians as he bows and scrapes and kisses the non-holy Koran
in the presense of a Muslim clerik and Patriarch Mar Raphael I Bidawid, Chaldean Catholic Patriarch of Babylon (r. 1989-2003)



  Trying to separate the institutional Church from God!  
  more Apostasy through Action of Pope Francis, now called Together Faiths of the World Unite  
  "Together Faiths of the World Unite" — Unite for what purpose, the spreading of confusion and error ? United under whom, Evil ?  




  Jesus is Lord and Savior and God!