Key Dates in Christendom




10 October 732 - the Battle of Poitiers (also called the Battle of Tours) - a decisive turning point in the struggle of Christendom against Islamic aggression. The Frankish and Burgundian forces under Charles Martel (Charles the Hammer/ Carolus Martellus (688-741), the father of Pepin the Short and the grandfather of Charlemagne) defeated the Islamic forces of the Umayyad Caliphate led by Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi, halting the Muslim advance into Christian Europe.

16 July 1054 - the nominal dating of the beginning of the Great Schism, when the legates of Pope Saint Leo IX (21 June 1002 - 19 April 1054, reigned 12 February 1049 - 19 April 1054) -- Humbert Cardinal of Silva Candida (1015-1061), Frederick of Lorraine, and Archbishop Peter of Amalfi -- entered the Cathedral of Hagia Sophia during the Divine Liturgy and placing a bull of excommunication on the altar, although the excommunication was directed only against the Patriarch of Constantinople Michael I Cerularius (1000-1059, reigned 1043-1059) and a few associates and not against the entire Constantinopolitan Patriarchate or the Byzantine Church and although it was issued after the death of Pope Leo IX on 19 April 1054 which event deprived the legates of authority to excommunicate anyone in the name of the Roman Patriarchate.

April 1182 - the Massacre of the Latins - the murder or expulsion of 60,000 Latin Christians (mostly Venitians, Pisans and Genoese) by the Greek Christian citizenry in Constantinople under just-installed Emperor Andronikos I Komnenos.

[3 days beginning circa 12] April 1204 - the attack on and capture and sack of Constantinople, the ugly event of the Fourth Crusade (originally intended to restore access for Christians to the Holy Land) and one of the most destructive events between western and eastern Christians.

12 September 1683 - the Battle of Vienna / Schlacht am Kahlenberg / Bitwa pod Wiedniem / Віденська відсіч - a decisive turning point in the struggle of European Christendom against Islamic aggression. The Holy League of approximately 84,000 Polish-Lithuanian, Austrian and German forces commanded by King of Poland Jan III Sobieski defeated the Muslim Ottoman Turk forces of no less than 150,000 and possibly as many as 300,000, which had besieged Vienna since 14 July 1683. The Muslim Turkish commander, Grand Vizier Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pasha, was later killed by his Turkish countrymen on 25 December 1683. Over the ensuing years the Austrians cleared the occupying Muslim Turks from Hungary, Transylvania and portions of the Balkans.

12 September 1963 - the atheist leaders of the predecessor of the European Union, the European Economic Community, and the Muslim Turks signed the Ankara Agreement, initiating a multi-staged process of customs union, economic integration and EEC-to-Turkey economic assistance, with the ultimate goal of Turkish membership in the EEC, that is the European Union. That is, the goal is to help the Turks achieve through demographic replacement what they were not able to achieve through war and extermination of European Christians 280 years to the day earlier. So the Turks together with other Muslims -- whose chief virtue in these Europeans' eyes is that, when given the vote, they vote for liberal political parties, for the tolerant liberals, chiefly the SPD in Germany; there are 3,500,000 Turks alone in Germany; given close elections their votes matter -- will over a short period of decades, within a century in any case, become the majority of the inhabitants of dis-United, (less than) half-European, post-Christendom. And then, like the Church of Hagia Sophia, Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome can become a Mosque. You see folks, the Turks do not raise their daughters to be men, whose chief goal and purpose is to compete with men in the marketplace, so the Turk's daughters have children rather than having only opinions and bitterness, and the Turks, unlike every Western European people, are not dying out. A chief horror of the Germans, and a prominent topic in the public sphere, is the claim that women are paid 18% less than men. (Given their agenda, do not bother to ask with how much integrity this number was arrived at.) No, men do not bring home double, or triple or five times, not 500% what women do. The chief problem facing our society in these people's view is not its, not our, impending extinction, but that our women are paid 18% less than our men. On September 12th 1963 the population of Turkey was less than 31,000,000. The CIA Factbook estimates the July 2011 population of Turkey at 78,785,548. Even the "conservative" governments in the United States of America including that under George W. Bush (what that is good did they conserve?) support Turkish accession to the European Union. Unless a change in course is soon and dramatic, we will lose.