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Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino


Most Serene Republic of San Marino


  Surrounded by Italy, although San Marino boasts a territory of just over 61 square kilometers and with a population of about 33,000, in Europe in these troubled, confused, agnostic times, having a population willing to self-identify as more than 97 percent Catholic is remarkable.  









  Church of San Quirino — Chiesa dei Cappuccini
    Church of San Quirino — Chiesa dei Cappuccini, with a striking ensemble of Christian devotional art:
to each side of the main altar a lectern with icons, copies of those which are perhaps Russian Orthodoxy's two most important: Saint Andrei Rublyov's Trinity,
written sometime between 1408 and 1427 — Икона Святой Троицы, написанная Андреем Рублёвым —
and the Theotokos of Vladimir — Θεοτόκος του Βλαντιμίρ — Владимирская Икона Божией Матери — Вишгородська ікона Божої Матері,
given in 1131 by the the Greek Patriarch of Constantinople to Grand Duke Yury Dolgoruky of Kiev.
Regrettably it would not be well advised for one to hold one's breath waiting for Russian Orthodox Churches to make similar gestures,
recognizing all that is beautiful and holy in the Catholic Church.

Also here in the Church of San Quirino in San Marino is a reproduction of the famous grotto of the rock cave at Massabielle, in Lourdes, France,
part of Les Sanctuaires Notre-Dame de Lourdes, where Saint Bernadette Soubirous claimed to have seen the Blessed Virgin Mary,
the first of these Marian apparitions occurring on 11 February 1858, with these claims accepted later as valid by the Catholic Church.
During her visit to the grotto on 25 March 1858, Saint Bernadette Soubirous said she was told by Mary: I am the Immaculate Conception — que soy era immaculada concepciou.
The Doctrine of the Immaculate Conception regarding Mary and her freedom from Original Sin, the content of this doctrine,
and more so still the means by which it was announced as Infallible Dogma by Pope Pius IX in his own right and on his own authority,
is held by some Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox to be one of the obstacles to Full Communion with the Catholic Church,
to the re-unification of the Orthodox-Catholic Church.




Holy Trinity Icon Rublyov     San Marino Franciscan Vladimir Icon



  San Quirino Lourdes Grotto  





  San Quirino  
  Church of San Quirino — Chiesa dei Cappuccini  




  Sacrament vs Saracens
    Santa Chiara scaccia i Saraceni, Marchigiano, c. 1630
Santa Chiara drives the Saracens, a.k.a. Muslims, Marche, c. 1630



  Beslan Memorial   Beslan Plaque
  Беслӕн - Beslan - Беслан 1 September 2004      





  Palazzo Pubblico
    Palazzo Pubblico






House     detail from high altar of San Quirino
        ... detail from high altar painting, Church of San Quirino




    Battlements then the Sea
another of the Three Hills, De La Fratta - Cesta     Adriatic Sea, about 20 kilometers distant, then 200 kilometers of water to Zadar, Croatia, European Christendom








  Oil Lamps San Marino 2000 years




  Cathedral of San Marino
    Basilica di San Marino





holy carpenter    




  San Marino Castle vista





girl at castle    









  Classic Orders  



Saint Marinus      





  to Adriatic Sea
    ... to Remini and Cattolica, Italy and the Adriatic Sea




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