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Konungariket Sverige


Kingdom of Sweden



Uppsala Domkyrka – Uppsala Cathedral  
  Uppsala Domkyrka – Uppsala Cathedral, built from 1272 as a Catholic Cathedral in French Gothic style, and consecrated in 1435 Anno Domini to the patronage of King Saint Erik (IX) Jedvardsson (martyred in Uppsala 18 May 1160), Deacon Saint Lars – Laurentius – Lawrence (martyred in Rome 10 August 258) and King Saint Olav Haraldsson, Patron Saint of Norway (29 July 1030 †).  




  Helga Trefaldighets Kyrka – Holy Trinity Church  
  They have the buildings, we have The Faith. The Lutheran "Church" of Sweden lies near the epicenter of the degradations which Martin Luther inaugurated, though even old Marty could scarcely have guessed at the institutionalized chaos he was to play so large a role in instituting. This historical Church building in the historical center of Christianity in Sweden is illustrative. Helga Trefaldighets Kyrka – Holy Trinity Church, is a late 13th century Church building and part of the patrimony of the Orthodox-Catholic Church, situated as one can see in this photograph, adjacent to the Uppsala Domkyrka – Uppsala Cathedral, and built over the site of a still earlier 12th-century Romanesque Church which was the probable site of the martyrdom on 18 May 1160 of King Saint Erik (IX) Jedvardsson, Patron Saint of Stockholm. Now the "Holy Trinity Church" functions as the University "Church" for the University of Uppsala. It is staffed entirely by women "priests," working out their own issues and agenda and calling these Christianity. "Welcoming" policies toward mass immigration and the demographic replacement of lapsed Christians by Muslims; the celebration of sodomy and homosexual "marriage"; "liturgical" abominations dancing daily, it has become ridiculous to even consider all this to be Christian heresy. It is simply non-Christianity. The fact that its practitioners are also enemies of Christendom and especially of European Christendom is secondary, though of course linked. It is theoretically possible that a different course can be charted without the impetus of mass societal catastrophe, possible but not likely. So it emerges that their might be a holy role for Muslims.  



  Uppsala moské  
  Uppsala moské  



Gustavus Adolphus (the Great?)  





Artillerymen of Stockholm

Gustavus Adolphus (the Great?)


  ... But the Swedes are a highly intelligent people of European Christendom. They do not lack brave men. And perhaps a leader will emerge to direct the re-discovery of their manhood, place these talents and this bravery at the service of Christian orthodoxy and unity, rather than placing them at the service of heresy and disunity, and do what needs to be done to reclaim a Sweden worth saving.




        Sverige - Förenad Europeisk Kristendom
        Sweden - United European Christendom