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Голодомор в Україні 1932—1933

Голодомор на Украине - The Holodomor



  Морити Голодом  
  "death by hunger" or "to kill by hunger" or "to starve to death" or "extermination by hunger" or "hunger-extermination"  


Kaganovich Holodomor architect  
עולם   תיקון
olam   Tikkun
That is, Tikkun Olam
The Jews « repairing the world »
In all their generosity, creating their version
Of “heaven on earth” for all of us to enjoy.



"Raba said: If one bound his neighbour and he died of starvation, he is not liable to execution. Raba also said: If he bound him in the sun, and he died, or in a place of intense cold and he died, he is liable; but if the sun was yet to appear, or the cold to make itself felt, he is not ..."
... from the Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin, Folio 77a (and see also 77b)


Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich – Лазарь Моисеевич Каганович

The man who made it happen, obviously with help.




A Digression?
Not one American in a thousand in 2017 will have even heard of the German-born, American Jew, Louis Wirth (1897-1952), though the man, in an entirely negative sense, was one of the most important, that is, influential Americans in history. He was the intellectual leader of American Psychological Operations within the sister organization to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the United States Office of War Information (OWI). (The names are not important for most purposes, and indeed they shifted and changed often, much like those of the Soviet Union, as in Cheka > GPU > OGPU > NKVD > NKGB > MGB > KGB > and now FSB.) Sometime Professor Wirth of the [Rockefeller] University of Chicago lead the cultural war against Catholic America during and after World War II, chiefly through the means of breaking up the Catholic neighborhoods which had been the backbone of northern, urban industrial America, through mass internal migration of Sub-Saharan African Americans from the southern states to northern urban America. To be sure, you will not find references to these facts within the works of Simon Wiesenthal or Elie Wiesel, but German-, Irish-, Polish- and Italian-Catholics were singled out by the Stalin-admiring Wirth, as being untrustworthy, "suspect" Americans. Their integrity, their way of life, their schools, their neighborhoods needed to be destroyed. Unassimilable African Americans were the weapon. See, for example, L. Wirth's The Urban Society and Civilization. (1940) and The Present Position of Minorities in the United States, Studies in Political Science and Sociology, University of Pennsylvania Bicentennial Conference (Philadelphia, Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, 1941).



  Київ – Kyiv – Киев – Kiev – Kijów – Кіеў  




Millstone to make bread if there is wheat   Stork in stone at Holodomor monument in Kyiv
... the gift of God, the work of human hands, that wonderful food of Christendom, bread.    




Holodomor early phase 1921 to 1922   Holodomor main phase 1932 to 1933   Holodomor late phase 1946 to 1947




  kievsky vokzal  
  ... and some similar in the (actually very beautiful) Moscow Metro, at the metro (Underground - Subway) station of the Kiev Train Station — Киевская станция Арбатско-Покровской линии Московского Метрополитена.  



VDNKh Ukrainian Pavilion Moscow

Павильон Украина - Just a dose of Soviet hypocrisy in Moscow: the Ukrainian Pavilion at the "Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy", the massive permanent exhibition park ВДНХ - Выставка Достижений Народного Хозяйства, originally built in 1939 (though reworked in 1952-54), and sporting wheat stalks as the most prominent decorative architectural feature.



vdnkh hypocrisy

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